Basic Term and Rules

All tuition will be paid through on our website. when you log on, go to the pay tuition tab, this will lead you to the pay now button, which is operated by Pay Pal. All tuition is due on Monday, a late charge of $20,00 will be assessed to all late payments. On the 3rd day if tuition is still not paid, there will be an additional $5 per day charge until payment is received. If tuition is not paid by the 10th day, the student will be terminated from the college unless other arrangements are made. 

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy. Once this contract is signed with the exchange of money the signee and or parent, guardian will be liable for the total tuition regardless if student drops course or not.

Attendance Policy

Grace Beauty College operates on a 20- hours week schedule. Students will  be expected to attend Tuesdays, and Saturdays 9:30 am to 7:30 pm.   A calendar will be available for planned absences. In the event that the student is absent or tardy, make up days will be available. No call, no show will not be tolerated, and can result in dismissal from college. Students are expected to be on time. In the event of a tardy, the student will be expected to give college notice. If student exceeds contract date, student will be expected to pay $3.00 per hr for all overage, even though tuition has been paid in full.

Dress Code

Black dress pants, black shoes, (any color shirts) name tag will be provided by the college. There is a $5.00 replacement fee for lost or damaged tags. Student must be in full uniform during school hours.


Tool Case

Cosmetology/Manicuring students will receive curriculum, and a small kit required by P.L.A.  Additional equipment will be needed such as one hair dryer, clippers and liners, one flat iron, one medium & one small curler, perm rods (blue, pink, grey, white, and orange) any other personal items desired. Students will be responsible for the up keep of their own kit. Barber students will receive curriculum and manikin only. You will need your own kit, however student kits are available for purchase at the college.


Grace Beauty College is a Christian establishment where everyone is welcome. It is policy of this college to provide equal opportunity for all students, discrimination of any kind is prohibited by law. We will not tolerate harassment or intimidation  of any kind.  Students are directed to bring any violation to this policy to the immediate attention of the managment and it will be handled with due regard for the privacy  and  respect of all involved.

Safety and Sanitation

All students are expected to participate in keeping the facility clean and safe. This includes and is not limited to; folding towels, washing combs, brushes, manicuring tools, sweeping, mopping, changing trash/Barbicide, and keeping work station neat at all times.

The use of electronic devices are prohibited while working on clients and during theory or practical classes. In the event that you have to take a call, please excuse yourself from the client or class.

Grace Beauty College is a smoke, drug, and alcohol-free facility. Please do not indulge in any of these during school hours.


All students are required by Indiana State Law to maintain a 85% grade point average throughout the course. ​I understand and agree that once enrolled at Grace Beauty School, I am required to follow all school policies and rules to maintain a current enrollment status. I have received a copy  of all policies, rules, and the school refund policy, I agree to all terms.